Hi, thanks for stopping by my Freesat blog.

I am a self confessed gadget, hifi and home cinema nut. I can’t explain the attraction of all that’s shiny and new any more than the next bloke. But it’s a fascinating and addictive worl. Especially when you delve beyond buying “what’s on the shelf” and start to research and really care about what you’re buying before you part with your money.

So this blog in particular is about Freesat – and in particular about the receivers, recorders and TV’s we can buy to receive it. Because as with all things electronic, they are NEVER all the same. And the difference between top quality and junk frequently bears no relation to the price tag.

Please enjoy the reviews and tips you’ll find here. Leave me a comment, drop a line or see me around in the many gadget forums!


Simon Carver