Freesat Finally Gets 4oD Catch Up

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4oD launchesFor the many of you who have been asking just when will Freesat get 4oD? The answer is, TODAY.

I know it kind of crept up on us in the end, but yesterdays Humax firmware update was a bit of a clue that it was finally coming. We just didn’t expect it to be ‘tomorrow’. It sounds like in the end 4oD may have been waiting for this update to get released…

But just to be clear. Not all Freesat box will be able to use the service, even if you already have BBC iPlayer and ITV Player.

This 4oD service is built on the latest HTML5 technology, so only people who have <free time> boxes, such as the excellent Humax HDR-1000S will be able to use it.

So if that’s you, and you’ve got the relevant updates, you should now be able to enjoy 30 days of Channel 4 catch services with 4oD direct from your Freesat box.

Demand 5 for Channel 5 catch up service should be added next, but is currently scheduled for the end of the Summer so we still have a little longer to wait for that.

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