A Freesat recorder gives you a Freesat receiver and hard drive recorder all in one box.

This may not seem like a big deal until you actually try one out. The convenience and power it gives over your TV viewing is enormous.

You can schedule a recording just by browsing the onscreen guide and pressing one button. You can typically watch one program while you record another. You can even record two different programs while you play back a third!

And the power you will feel at being able to skip over the ad break when playing back a recording… you’ll never want to be without a PVR ever again!

Freesat Recorder Reviews

1Humax HDR-1000S ReviewWinner: Best Freesat Recorder. This amazing little box has superb output quality, and is a pleasure to use. Get one!
2Humax HDR-1010S 1TB ReviewAnd now we have a sleek looking white version of the popular HDR-1000S.
3Humax Foxsat HDRExcellent all round PVR. Great picture quality. Discontinued - but some bargains to be had second hand.
4Sagem DTR94250S HD RecorderVery good recorder. But for the money, just beaten out by the Humax Foxsat.
5Grundig GUFSDTR500HDA good solid PVR that looks great too. Sadly let down by loud fan noise.
6Goodmans GFSDTR500HDA rebadged version of the Grundig - so a good PVR also let down greatly by a noisy fan.

What To Look Out For

Our reviews will tell you what you need to know.

But as a general guide here’s some areas to be thinking about:-

  • Picture Quality – don’t neglect this, ultimately it’s THE most important thing! So make sure the box has connections you can make the best of, ideally HDMI.
  • Sound – even if you have the best surround system, if your PVR outputs muddy fuzzy sound, you’re going to end up disappointed
  • Noise – and I don’t mean sound quality any more. PVR’s have spinning hard drives and fans, like a PC, and some cheaper models are darn noisy. The best are almost entirely silent.
  • Menus & Usage – look for clear and easy to use menus. It will annoy you endlessly if you have to go through 6 menus just to record a program.
  • EPG / Speed – make sure the program guide comes up quickly, and that menus are quick to move through. Wading through treacle whilst trying to watch TV is not fun.
  • Storage Space – hard drive size determines how much you can record. But it’s much less of an issue these days as hard drives have become very cheap. Anything less than 250GB is probably too small.
  • Price – of course price is important, but if you shop around for the best prices and buy online, the price difference between a good box and a poor one is minimal – and definitely a false economy. You will use this device a LOT over it’s lifetime.