You would be forgiven for thinking that Humax had snuck a brand new Freesat box out.

Humax HDR1010S WhiteBut the HDR-1010s is actually just the popular HDR-1000S with a sleek new white case.

Which does of course mean the ‘new’ model is a very good box. But that it may now appeal a bit more to those of an Apple kind of persuasion. Or those who are just getting a bit fed up of boring black boxes tucked under their TV.

You will however pay a little bit more for the pleasure of the sleek white box, but over time it will probably edge down to the same street price as the black version.

You can find the 1TB white box version here on Amazon.

It’s still a great price for what you get, but if you’re not all that bothered about the white finish then take a look at the HDR-1000S instead.