The new Sony Freesat TV range sets out to impress. The appeal of all-one-box neatness and ease of use is undeniable. But Sony has stalled many times before with their big TV’s so do they live up to the fanfare?

For the W5810 range Sony have actually kept it simple. They’ve taken the W5500 models, and just squeezed in a Freesat receiver. Now that could have been worrying, but the fact is the W5500’s were very good TV’s to start with. And now they just got better.

The Basics

There are currently four models in the W5810 range:-

Model NoScreen Size
Sony KDL32W581032 inches
Sony KDL37W581037 inches
Sony KDL40W581040 inches
Sony KDL46W581046 inches

All TV models are full HD panels (resolution 1920 x 1080), and 100Hz refresh rate using Sony’s MotionFlow technology. They come with four HDMI sockets plus an ethernet socket too.

So What’s Good

Well the picture is great to start. You get smooth movement thanks to MotionFlow, plus rich but natural colours. DVD sources upscale nicely producing a clean and stable picture.

Audio is good too. It’s won’t match a decent surround system of course, but unlike many rival TV’s you WILL be able happy watching TV using the built in speakers.

How About Digital?

Comparing Freeview with Freesat in old fashioned standard def, you get plenty of detail, good colour and an enjoyable image.

But it’s when you flip over to a Freeview HD channel things get exciting, and the Sony really delivers a sharp eye pleasing experience.

Anything To Watch Out For?

Sony have had some negative comments about the backlights on their TV’s recently. But we saw no problems with the W5810.

In Conclusion

Sony has got pretty much everything right with this highly impressive Freesat TV. You certainly won’t be disappointed with one of these in your lounge. And there are some stunning online prices with make this TV an absolute steal too.