Pimp Your Dish With Satellite Dish Covers

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batman satellite dish coverJust when your neighbours thought you couldn’t do anything more to annoy them, now you can make your satellite dish really stand out in the street…

Satellite dish covers have a somewhat practical purpose. They can protect your dish from sun and weather corrosion – particularly if you live near the sea as regular salt water spray can eat metal pretty fast.

And to that end, you can get covers in very subtle, neutral grey or white colours to match your existing dish.

Or you can go all out ‘chav’ and emblazon your dish with your house number or better yet, your favourite footy team.

There’s even an option for those wanting to express their inner geek, with the Batman edition. You can of course go the extra mile and light it up at night too, just to ensure that nobody in your street misses seeing it…

I can just see the complaints flooding in to the local council offices already 🙂

Those wishing to develop whole new relationships with their neighbours should probably head over to Pimp My Dish now.

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