Sagecom Lead Manufacturer For G2 Freesat Boxes

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Today it was confirmed by Freesat that Sagecom will be lead manufacturing partner in developing G2 Freesat boxes – the next generation of Freesat.

The G2 Freesat boxes are likely to include HbbTV protocols, and are due for launch in early 2012.

MD for Freesat, Emma Scott said:

Freesat has worked closely with both Sagemcom and Humax in the past and we are pleased to be partnering with them again on our exciting next stage of product development. An important part of our success to date has been the quality of our technology and the manufacturing partners we work with.

Humax were the company that played a key role in developing the first generation boxes, and will be developing their own G2 products for later in 2012.

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