Why Get Freesat When I Can Get Freeview?

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It’s a common question, and there are 4 main good answers to it.

If you want the cheapest option, then Freeview is still marginally cheaper. After all, you can buy a pretty poor Freeview box for just £20 these days, or maybe £40 if you want HD. (Although I suspect if £20 is your budget then you’ve probably not even heard of HD!)

But most of us have at least some quality and usability desire beyond just ‘cheap’. Which makes the price argument mostly redundant now.

Freesat requires a satellite dish obviously, but dish installation is pretty cheap even if you don’t DIY. And if you’ve never tried plugging a Freeview decoder into your existing TV aerial, you won’t know for certain that you don’t need a new aerial anyway. Or if you really can get a Freeview signal at all, despite what the postcode checker tells you!

The HD issue is no longer an issue. Freesat actually has one more HD channel than Freeview at the moment.

So Why Get Freesat When I Can Get Freeview?

OK, here’s four reasons:-

  1. You’ve already got a sky dish on your roof. Which means zero aerial cost, and you can pretty much know you will get good Freesat reception.
  2. Maybe you’ve already got Freeview but the signal quality is marginal and you keep getting picture or sound break up. Even more so in poor weather, or in Summer when nearby tall trees are in full leaf, or even when cars drive past your house… Freesat will most likely give you a stronger and more reliable signal.
  3. You’re a Sky subscriber who is fed up of paying top rate for a large amount of channels you simply don’t ever watch.
  4. Freesat has more capacity. That means the future is likely to hold more channels, and more in HD. Freeview has a limited capacity – the only way they can cram in more channels is to reduce the broadcast quality (which they keep doing!).

So those are the reasons to get Freesat, in my opinion.

The fact is, any new TV you buy from now on will have a digital decoder of some kind in it. Some even include both Freesat and Freeview decoders.

But for the best experience with either you really need to think separate boxes anyway. Then you can buy a TV that does that job well, and a Freesat box that does it’s own job well.

A  decoder built-in to the TV can be a little easier to operate, but sadly not often enough! And they rarely provide any facility to record anyway.

The best Freesat recorder / PVR’s however give you so much more than a basic decoder without being complicated. And recording is very much an integral part of the way we watch TV.

If you’ve never used a PVR, get a Humax Foxsat HDR and you’ll be amazed at how easy things have got.

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